pub fn bind_mutator<VM: VMBinding>(
    mmtk: &'static MMTK<VM>,
    tls: VMMutatorThread
) -> Box<Mutator<VM>>
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Request MMTk to create a mutator for the given thread. The ownership of returned boxed mutator is transferred to the binding, and the binding needs to take care of its lifetime. For performance reasons, A VM should store the returned mutator in a thread local storage that can be accessed efficiently. A VM may also copy and embed the mutator stucture to a thread-local data structure, and use that as a reference to the mutator (it is okay to drop the box once the content is copied – Note that Mutator may contain pointers so a binding may drop the box only if they perform a deep copy).


  • mmtk: A reference to an MMTk instance.
  • tls: The thread that will be associated with the mutator.