Function mmtk::memory_manager::alloc

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pub fn alloc<VM: VMBinding>(
    mutator: &mut Mutator<VM>,
    size: usize,
    align: usize,
    offset: usize,
    semantics: AllocationSemantics
) -> Address
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Allocate memory for an object. For performance reasons, a VM should implement the allocation fast-path on their side rather than just calling this function.

If the VM provides a non-zero offset parameter, then the returned address will be such that the RETURNED_ADDRESS + offset is aligned to the align parameter.


  • mutator: The mutator to perform this allocation request.
  • size: The number of bytes required for the object.
  • align: Required alignment for the object.
  • offset: Offset associated with the alignment.
  • semantics: The allocation semantic required for the allocation.