What will this tutorial cover?

This tutorial is intended to get you comfortable constructing new plans in MMTk.

You will first be guided through building a semispace collector. After that, you will extend this collector to be a generational collector, to further familiarise you with different concepts in MMTk. There will also be questions and exercises at various points in the tutorial, intended to encourage you to think about what the code is doing, increase your general understanding of MMTk, and motivate further research.

Where possible, there will be links to finished, functioning code after each section so that you can check that your code is correct. Note, however, that these will be full collectors. Therefore, there may be some differences between these files and your collector due to your position in the tutorial. By the end of each major section, your code should be functionally identical to the finished code provided.

Furthermore, please note that this code may not be identical to the main code of the MMTk. It is deliberately kept separate as a simpler stable version. Make sure to refer to the provided tutorial code and not the main collector code during the tutorial.